8 Home Remodel That Pay You Back

place needs to be functional and organized so that it can give a great ambiance to you. So, you can think about making a few home additions by building a separate dwelling unit or living unit in your home, renovating your bathroom, improving the outdoor area, etc. If you want to hire a reliable contractor for your home remodel Los Angeles, you can visit https://www.donerighthomeremodelingla.com/to know more about our services. Now, let us know about the home addition ideas that will pay you back.

Hardwood Flooring

You can upgrade the flooring to give your home a fresh new look. Go with hardwood flooring that will be water-resistant and durable at the same time. You can also consider other flooring options that will suit your requirements.

Upgraded Porch area

If there is a space available adjacent to your front porch area then you can utilize that space to build an additional seating area or a sunroom. Break one side of the wall to extend the porch area to build an additional seating area using wooden or glass walls. This will add a premium look to your home.

Energy-efficient home

A luxury home has all the amenities available in it. So, you can make your home look luxurious by making it energy-efficient. Install energy-efficient devices and building materials to make your home a smart one. You can go with solar panel installation, invest in energy star appliances and smart thermostats, replace old windows and poorly insulated doors, and upgrade the home insulation. You can also qualify for green tax benefits and get more benefits.

Smart home appliances

Smart home devices are very popular among homeowners and also can improve the value of your home and give it a lavish touch. Buyers get attracted to homes that are equipped with smart appliances. You can invest in smart thermostats, smart home security systems such as camera doorbells, smoke, carbon monoxide, radon detectors, and smart lights to your home to add value to your property.

A bathroom with high-end features

A master bathroom with all the high-end features can make your home look lavish. If you want to bump out your bathroom to expand the walls of your bathroom then you will need plumbing and electrical fixtures for the extra space that you have created. A new bathtub, an antique mirror, new bath fixtures, or decorative lights can be a few good ideas that you can incorporate into your bath space.

Green corner

Green plants have a purifying effect as they absorb harmful particles present in the air and the excess moisture from the environment. So, you can add plants to your home to give your space a divine look. You can also choose creative planters, which will make them more beautiful and pleasing.

Materials made up of glass:

Glass materials and equipment are in trend these days. You can add glass doors, glass center tables, and walls to make your space look elegant and modern. So, you can contribute to the environment by eliminating the usage of plastic as much as possible. 


ADUs can be built as a part of your main residential unit or as a separate house at a certain distance from the main residential unit. You can also convert your garage area into a separate dwelling unit. You can extend a portion of your house by breaking the walls and building an ADU, which is attached to the main building. This unit can be used as a study room or a living room. You can also use this place as a recreational unit of your house.


Home addition ideas can yield you many benefits; especially in increasing the value of your house. Moreover, it will give an elegant and premium look to your home. If you want to resell your house then it can attract buyers who want to invest in a quality house. You can also increase the space in your home by adding separate living or dwelling units in the basement or garage area of the home.

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