8 Important Hygiene Tips Every Woman Must Follow

Hygiene and cleanliness have always been fundamental needs for everyone. Whether you are a man or a woman, keeping yourself clean is the best way to avoid sickness and disease. But because of the difference in the female and male body parts, there are also different hygiene steps depending on which parts you have. 

Because of this, we have written an article on important hygiene tips made especially for women! Keep on reading so that you can find out more. 

1. Develop a Routine 

The most important thing when it comes to hygiene is you do it regularly. It would make no sense to just be hygienic every once in a while. A small lapse in practicing hygiene and cleanliness is already a big gap for viruses or bacteria to get into your body. 

You need to develop a routine. You can start with good skincare or incorporate a feminine wash into your bath routine. Maybe take some supplements.

The earlier you can do this, the better. It is vital to incorporate the following tips that we have for you into the routine that you will be following. Follow your routine daily and it will become a good habit. It will be hard and tedious at first since you will be correcting some of your usual practices. But it gets easier over time. 

2. Eat the Right Food

Eating healthy is always part of the core of health and dieting. But why is it also needed in hygiene?  

What you eat is what you use to fuel your body. And with this fuel will come waste. Certain foods may cause your body to seem or smell dirty! Some foods can cause foot odor, bad breath, and tooth decay if not taken in moderation. 

Make sure to avoid eating lots of sugar as this is not good for your gut nor is it good for your teeth. A zinc deficiency is also known to cause smelly feet so make sure to eat foods rich in zinc. 

3. Clean Less (Down There) 

When taking care of your vagina, you may be tempted to put all sorts of products on it. You want it to look better or smell better. But fear not. The vagina has a natural odor and is self-cleaning. You don’t have to do that much to take care of it. The vulva, however, does not, which is why you still have to clean this delicate part carefully. 

In reality, the more products you put down there, the more they get exposed to harm. Our vagina needs to keep itself at a specific pH balance. Using harsh soaps such as the bar soap that we use for our body can irritate your vagina even more. 

When washing your vagina, you can use a feminine wash that is specifically formulated for our ph balance. These types of feminine wash are very mild and safe to use. Because of this, it is also the best feminine wash for pregnant women to use. 

4. Simple Skincare

You may have seen a lot of overwhelming skincare routines. The famous 10-step skincare routine originated in Korea and boasts glass-looking skin. But really, a simple skincare routine is all that you need. You just need to make sure that it fits your skin type. 

It is possible to only use 3 to 4 skincare products daily and keep your skin healthy and young. These are the ones that are vital for skin care: 

  1. Sunscreen 
  2. Facial Cleanser 
  3. Moisturizer 
  4. Retinol (Optional) 

As long as you make sure you’re protected from the sun, cleansing your pores, and moisturizing your skin, everything should be okay. You can add retinol to the routine if you want faster skin turnover. If you have specific skin problems, then that’s when you may have to add more products. 

5. Wipe Front to Back

When you go to the bathroom, the way you wipe your vagina and anus makes the difference. Doing this wrongly could lead to a urinary tract infection. This is because if you wipe your anus first before your vagina, the bacteria from this area may infect your urinary tract. 

What you have to do is wipe your vagina first and then your anus. Or even better, use a separate sheet of toilet paper for each area. This lowers your risk of getting sick. 

6. Pee After Sex 

Always pee after sex. This simple practice is something that you should turn into a good habit. This is because not peeing after sex also puts you at risk for a urinary tract infection. During intercourse, bacteria may have migrated from other parts of your body into your urethra. 

So always pee after sex. This flushes out any bacteria that may have gotten into or near your urethra. It is always better to be safe and take a few minutes of your time to pee instead of getting sick. 

7. Groom Properly 

Having your hair down there provides many benefits for you. It can reduce the friction in your pubic area during sex or other activities. It is a protective layer of some sort. 

However, if you choose to groom yourself down there, be sure to be careful. You don’t want to accidentally nick yourself with a rusty blade or get ingrown hair. This can be very painful if it happens. 

When shaving, be sure to use a fresh blade and dry it properly so that it does not get rusty or moldy. 

If you ever get ingrown hairs, treat them with a warm compress. This helps open up your pores and trmouldy.eat the ingrown.  

8. Monitor Everything 

Your vagina will say a lot about your health. Make sure you are aware of how your discharge normally looks and smells. 

If it smells fishy or changes color this may mean that you have an underlying health problem. You will need to get this checked at the doctor’s right away. 


In this article, we have gone over 8 simple ways you can keep yourself and your female parts healthy and happy. Understandably, you might find it difficult to carry out these practices at first. It does take some time to get used to. But for your health and safety, following these tips will be worth it! 

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