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You may have heard about Vanguard newspaper Nigeria, a daily newspaper in Nigeria. It covers news, politics, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. It also covers business and energy. In addition, it is also an Online news portal. The daily newspaper is published by Vanguard Media Limited. This news outlet is available in several languages.

Vanguard (Nigeria) Newspaper News Today

The Vanguard Newspaper is a daily newspaper published in Nigeria. Published by Vanguard Media in Lagos, Nigeria, it covers breaking news across the country and the world. It features over twenty categories of news, including politics, sports, business, and entertainment. The news is filtered to be relevant and timely. The Vanguard was founded by veteran journalist Sam Amuka-Pemu.

Daily newspaper

The Vanguard newspaper is a daily newspaper in Nigeria. It is published by the Vanguard Media Limited, a media company based in Lagos. It is one of the few independent newspapers in the country, with online editions available. Vanguard has a diverse range of topics, ranging from business and politics to sports, entertainment and lifestyle.

The Vanguard newspaper is also popular in the United States and Canada. Its readership is growing, and it is gaining a larger presence in the country. Its circulation rivals that of The Guardian, the largest newspaper in the United Kingdom. But the publication does not always get the attention it deserves. Its content has a racist bias.

The study examined the treatment of political issues in Nigerian newspapers, as well as the ratio of political news to other subject matters. It also looked at the prominence and interest given to political stories by readers. The study employed a content analysis tool and a coding sheet to gather data. The study found that 80 percent of news stories adhered to the code.

Online news portal

Vanguard newspaper Nigeria is one of the leading newspapers in the country, covering the length and breadth of the country. Its mission is to help uphold the course of the common man, and their logo states, “Toward a better life for the people.” The newspaper has produced some of the most notable journalists in the industry, and has received countless accolades from international bodies and corporate organizations.

The paper started as a weekly magazine, but has since evolved into a daily newspaper. It has also recently launched an online news portal with selected articles from back issues. The content only covers articles from 2010 onwards. A search function is available since 2012. The site also offers archives of selected back issues of the newspaper.

TheNewsGuru was once ranked 14,340 in Nigeria by Alexa. However, the site has since jumped to number 260. The newspaper’s founder, Mideno Bayagbon, is teaming up with former Guardian newspaper editor Jewell Dafinone to create the new news portal. They are building a crack team of online journalists to produce compelling content for its readers.

The media has a huge impact on public opinion. They can help increase awareness of a disease and inform people about precautions they need to take. In the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, the media coverage of the outbreak has had a positive impact on public health.

Reporter’s body found at a morgue

A former Vanguard newspaper reporter has been found dead, three weeks after he went missing in Abuja. The body was discovered at the morgue of the Wuse General Hospital. The driver of the vehicle that hit the reporter then fled. He never reported the accident to police.

The Senate President and the minority party in the House of Representatives have expressed their condolences. They expressed their deep shock at the discovery. They also expressed their condolences to the family of Salem, and the staff of the Vanguard newspapers. Those who worked with the journalist have expressed their deep grief over his death.

Police officials say that the family of the deceased has not yet identified the body found in the morgue. The family has said that they have not been notified about the discovery. However, detectives say they are working on a hypothesis as to what happened to Salem.

The investigation into the death of the former Vanguard newspaper reporter continues as his body was found at the morgue on Thursday. Deputy Commissioner of Police Olatunji Disu led the Intelligence Response Team to the scene, where they found the body. The police are investigating whether a hit-and-run driver knocked the journalist down.

The family has not been able to verify if the body is their son’s. The search for the slain journalist has been a long one and they can not confirm it as yet. The police claim that the cab driver admitted hitting Salem, but many Nigerians have questioned the hit-and-run claim.

Journalist’s disappearance

A Nigerian Journalist has gone missing for over a month, without a trace. The Department of State Services (DSS) has denied any involvement in his disappearance. The missing journalist was last seen on October 13, and his body was found on Friday, in a Wuse hospital. The cause of his disappearance remains unclear, and police are continuing their investigation.

Tordue Henry Salem, a reporter for the Vanguard newspaper, went missing on October 13 in Abuja. He was reported missing after he failed to return home after leaving his office, where he had gone to meet a female relative. After leaving work, he flagged a cab for his female relative, but did not return. He was last seen near a Total filling station in Abuja. He was last seen with a female relative, and was not seen again until his body was found Thursday.

The Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE) has called on security agencies to find the missing journalist and investigate attacks on journalists. Tordue Salem was a journalist for the Vanguard newspaper who covered the House of Representatives. The Guild issued a statement on International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists to urge the government and security agencies to do everything in their power to prevent attacks on journalists.

The Nigerian Union of Journalists and the Media Foundation for West Africa released a report in June 2021 that revealed that there had been seven unsolved killings and hundreds of violations against journalists in the country. It concluded that the environment in Nigeria is unsafe for media workers and dangerous for democracy.

NAFDAC’s efforts to combat fake drugs

A recent article in the Vanguard newspaper outlines the challenges facing Nigeria in combating fake drugs. The article points to the need for better surveillance and increased efforts by NAFDAC to ensure the quality of medicines. Although the government has a presence in many ports, cartels thrive and have established themselves in the country. The government should do more to combat these cartels and use technology to trace drugs and detect substandard drugs on the open market.

Various factors contribute to the prevalence of fake drugs. The main causes are corruption, inadequate technology, and lack of substantive leadership. It is not uncommon to see drug hawkers selling counterfeit products under the watch of law enforcement. However, in many countries, counterfeit medicine has become widespread and is becoming more sophisticated. This trend can be traced to the rise of the global drug trade. There is a need to raise public awareness about the problem and prevent it from spreading.

The use of radio frequency identification technology to identify the authenticity of pharmaceutical products is a significant step toward fighting fake drugs. It is already being used in other countries, including India. The use of radio frequency identification technology to detect counterfeit drugs has also been extended to food products.

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