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hoodlums robbed houses in Oruk Anam local government area of Akwa Ibom State

The police command in Akwa Ibom state has confirmed fresh killings in Inen community, Oruk Anam local government area. Police Spokesman, SP Odiko Maldon, said the incident took place in two different houses. The robbers reportedly arrived in a motorcycle convoy and attacked the victims. They allegedly robbed and killed three persons, including the victim’s stepson.

The incident occurred around the same time when a 7-man kidnapping gang was disrupted and several armed robbers were arrested in the same local government area. In another case, the gunmen abducted two women from the homes of two PDP chapter chairman and demanded N50 million before releasing them. A Lexus SUV was found abandoned by the robbers in Ekparakwa axis of Oruk Anam LGA.

The suspects were arrested after a three-day search. Police officials arrested two suspects, Peter and Promise Moses Akpan, from Enen Ikot Etim village in Oruk Anam local government area. The suspects were caught after confessing to the crimes. They recovered a locally manufactured pistol.

The abduction of the Deputy Paramount Ruler of Otuabula by armed gangs also occurred in Oruk Anam. The robbers allegedly smashed windows of several houses in the Oruk Anam LGA. The abductions occurred in the early hours of the morning.

a former minister calls on a retired Deputy Inspector General of Police to run for the 2023 general elections

A former minister has urged a retired Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) to run for the 2023 general elections. The call has come amid an ongoing crisis in the ruling APC, which has yet to launch its presidential campaign. Though INEC lifted the campaign ban on September 28, the party is still facing challenges over its composition and list of members. Governors have expressed displeasure over the 422-member list released by James Faleke, the APC secretary general.

Erdogan’s party may not enjoy the unquestioned loyalty of the security apparatus, and if popular protests continue to rise, he is likely to resort to diversionary tactics in order to suppress them. The police force has grown astronomically in the last decade, but the AKP sees it as a partisan body. In addition, the police force is tightly controlled by the Minister of Interior, who faces accusations of close ties to organized crime groups. He has strong incentives to oppose government turnover.

The judicial system is not free from corruption in Uganda. The country has a detailed legal framework and institutions to monitor the conduct of public officials, but corruption is still rampant. Even though the Inspector General of Government (IG) has seen some success in investigating corruption in the public sector, it lacks sufficient resources to carry out investigations and prosecute those involved in crimes.

The country is in an extremely difficult economic situation, and its young population is feeling increasingly disenchanted and economically marginalized. The lack of constructive engagement in the political system creates an additional risk for stability. Furthermore, the economy is struggling, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are impacting the economy.

Growth rates were recently revised down significantly. They dropped from more than 6% to below three percent in 2020/21. Meanwhile, the rate of inflation remained relatively stable at 2.9%. The government has already released a draft budget for the 2023 general elections, and it has already decided to call on retired Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) to run.

a four-storey building collapsed in the heart of Uyo main town

At least four people have been rescued from the rubble of a four-storey building in Uyo’s main town. The collapse, which happened at 6:30pm Saturday, was the worst in the town since the collapse of Reigners Church in December 2016. The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has coordinated the rescue operation. Excavators are expected to be deployed to the scene.

The collapse took place on the fourth floor of a building under construction in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State. The building, which was meant to be a six-storey hotel, was under construction at the time of the collapse. Most of the people trapped inside were construction workers.

Two people have been confirmed dead and several others injured. The building was supposed to be six-storeys and contractors were on the fourth floor when it collapsed. One dead body was recovered after the incident, while the other died in the hospital. Some others have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Residents of Uyo’s main town are calling on security agencies to restore calm. Residents have reported a rise in violent activity after the building collapsed. In the past three months, several buildings have collapsed in the state, claiming 80 lives. Residents have also called on the state governor to reclaim lands leased by the government.

Building collapses in Nigeria have been a common occurrence. Last November, a high-rise building collapsed in the Ikoyi district of Lagos, killing two people. Since then, President Muhammadu Buhari has called for improved construction standards. He has also called for better enforcement of safety regulations. While this incident is undoubtedly the worst in the country, it is a wake-up call for the government to improve construction standards and safety measures.

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