Free Fire Advance Server

The Free Fire Advance Server lets you test new features and maps before the official release. This way, you can get a first-hand look at new characters, skins, and maps. However, keep in mind that the server is still in beta, so you might encounter a few bugs and errors. If you encounter any of these, you can report them and earn in-game diamonds.


Free Fire Advance: OB36 is the fifth anniversary update for the popular game. It features new features and unreleased content. It comes with two new mystery characters, a Coin Clash mode and a Social Island mode. The free version of this game is available on Google Play Store.

The Free Fire OB36 update is expected to be released between September 14 and September 21. The Advance Server will end on September 8, 2022. Players can contact the FF Garena development team by posting a review or by reporting a bug. This can result in incentives, such as gun skins or free diamonds.

The Advance Server can be used to test new features and bug fixes. This server requires a Google or Facebook account. It is a great way to try out new features before they’re released publicly. Plus, it allows you to play the newest features without deleting your regular game.

FF MAX OB36 update

To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Free Fire, the developers have released a new FF MAX OB36 update. This update includes previously unreleased content and a new Advance Server. It also offers players new game modes like Coin Clash and Social Island. Players can also earn rewards, such as outfits and titles. The Advance Server will also allow players to keep up to date with upcoming events.

The Free Fire Advance server allows you to play the latest update before it hits the regular version. It is a temporary server that gives you access to a lot of free features. Players can even earn costumes and special gifts, or report bugs and errors before the update’s official release. To access the Free Fire Advance server, simply sign up with your Facebook or Google account. Once you’ve done so, you will receive an e-mail with a download link.

FF MAX OB36 server

The FF MAX OB36 Advance Server is a free-to-play game with a number of different features. The Advance Server will enable players to report any technical issues and receive rewards, including outfits, titles, and gun skins. It will also allow players to stay up-to-date on new features and events.

The Advance Server will last until September 8 in 2022. Players can download the server from the official website. Once downloaded, players can select a login method. The player will need a social media account linked to their FF/FF MAX Player IDs to be able to log in.

The update is expected to be released a day or two before the next CS-Ranked Season, which would be the end of September 2022. Players will need to be patient during the updating process, which could take several hours.

FF MAX OB36 server code

It is very possible that the Free Fire MAX OB36 server code will soon be released for download. The game’s developer, Garena, has developed a powerful server program specifically for the new version. There are a number of benefits that you can expect to receive from this update. Players will be able to access a variety of advantages, including free diamonds and special rewards.

Once you have the OB36 server code, you can download it from the play store or Google Play. This allows you to try out the new features of the game before the official release. You can also report any technical glitches that you may encounter, as well as receive rewards. These rewards can include free diamonds, outfits, gun skins, and more. Furthermore, you’ll be able to keep track of any updates and events that are coming up.

Getting access to FF MAX OB36 server

If you’re looking for the latest update to FF MAX online, you can now get access to the OB36 server. This update will bring several new features to the game, and it will also give you the opportunity to try out new weapon skins, room skins, and more. What’s more, if you report bugs, you will be given a free Mythic Suit.

To get access to the FF MAX OB36 server, you can visit the official site of the game. You need to create a Facebook or Google account to log in. This server will allow you to test new features before they are released on the regular game.

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