5 Ways to Practice Self-Care When You Struggle With Back Pain

Many people suffer back pain daily and go around almost buckling under the weight of their struggle. You can hardly tell, but back pain is the sixth most costly condition affecting a huge population of Americans.

There are many possible reasons for back problems ranging from bad posture to accidents resulting in severe back injuries. Most of these issues can be treated, and you can achieve full recovery. 

However, some back problems are lifelong, requiring regular medical care and self-care to manage the pain.

When you’re struggling with back pain, finding relief is your priority. You probably won’t visit the hospital whenever you have a painful episode. That leaves you with finding alternative ways of managing your back pain from home.

This post shows you five ways to practice self-care when you struggle with back pain.

1. Pain Relief Medications

Generally, the first line of defense today against any ailment is medications. It’s easy to access pain relief drugs and use them at home to manage your condition without involving a healthcare provider directly.

When it comes to back pain, depending on its cause and severity, you may choose to see a doctor for a prescription or go for OTC meds. You’ll have access to stronger, prescription-only medications if you get a prescription.

You may also buy pain meds from the nearest drugstore without a doctor’s prescription. These are called over-the-counter meds and are available to the public.

Besides the few differences in these categories of drugs, they are pretty effective for treating intended conditions.

2. Cannabis Treatment

Many people struggling with chronic pain are moving away from conventional medications due to their long-term side effects. It’s common knowledge now that while pills are effective, they can lead to issues like dependence and tolerance.

If you’re suffering from back pain, getting in on the growing support for alternative treatment wouldn’t be unreasonable.

One of the most popular natural treatments recommended for pain management is cannabis. The plant has proven medical benefits. It contains cannabinoid and terpene profiles associated with pain relief. 

This Veriheal post looks into various terpenes under research for their potential in pain treatment.

3. Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the most preferred ways to relieve body pain. It’s especially effective on muscle pain and other body aches, including back pain.

When you apply pressure to pain points through therapeutic massage, you can stimulate certain nerves and disrupt pain signals to the brain. 

You also relieve muscle tension, which aids in toning down the extent of the pain.

Get someone to give you a quality massage at home for the best outcome. Alternatively, you could self-massage using items like massage balls, foam rollers, and massage guns.

4. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a practice with a wide range of techniques that can be personalized to suit every individual’s needs. For people with back problems, yoga offers gentle movements effective for managing back pain.

Seek the assistance of a practitioner, and if possible, consult your doctor to determine the right stretches for your condition. You want to benefit from yoga poses without injuring yourself more.

Since meditation goes alongside yoga, you may want to try it out as well as a way of strengthening your mind. You’ll find that half the time, you can manage your pain by controlling your thoughts.

5. Heat or Cold

Hot or cold compresses work well against back pain, and they tend to offer almost instant relief. But they work differently to make you feel better. It comes down to preference.

Cold Packs

These can be ice packs, refrigerated packages like a  bag of grains, or a towel dipped in cold water.

Applying cold packs to the affected area eases the pain by numbing the area and reducing swelling and inflammation.

Hot Compresses

A hot compress can be a heating pad, or a towel dipped in hot water and squeezed dry. Hot compresses reduce stiffness and muscle spasms, soothing the painful areas.

Considering heat encourages blood supply, it removes toxins and chemical buildup from the affected area.

Final Thoughts

While back pain is a health condition that lots of people have to live with, it doesn’t have to affect your quality of life. Besides medications, you can try proven self-care techniques at home to manage your back pain.

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