Fun Kid Activities That Move You From Indoors To Outdoors

Indoors can be fun, but spending even a few hours outside can help kids get their creative juices flowing and give them some space to explore. All children should have plenty of opportunities to develop an affinity for the outdoors, whether that means getting in touch with nature or getting involved in the extensive suburban playgrounds so many neighborhoods offer these days. To learn more about how your kids spend time outside – and what outdoor activities they might enjoy – check out this article.

How to get kids outdoors

Outdoor games are perfect for a summer day, but they’re also great when the weather gets cold. And there are tons of fun activities and things to do in Sacramento that will keep you moving.

1. Hang a blanket outdoors and have your kids hop on to it. They can then hop off, running around and playing. This is also a great indoor activity for when it’s cold outside!

2. Find a spot to hang swings or climb trees. Get creative- have your kids try jumping off different heights, swinging from branches high in the air, or riding the swings back and forth in one direction.

3. Go for a hike! If you live near some woods or have easy access to trails, take your family for a walk through the forest or along the coast. Be sure to bring plenty of snacks and drinks, as there is usually plenty of wildlife to be seen on hikes!

4. Play games in your yard! Invest in some picnic tables and create an Or sided game of tag, cup stacking, or egg toss. Have a ball net set up too, and let the kiddos play keep away or horseshoes!

Ideas for outdoor play

Who doesn’t love spending time outdoors? Spending time outside can help kids get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Here are some fun kid activities that can take you from indoors to outdoors: 

-Learn about different plants and trees by exploring a park or nature preserve.

-Start a DIY garden with simple materials you might have around the house.

-Take your bike outside and explore your community.

-Play tag, hopscotch, and other games in a neighborhood square.

-Collect leaves, sticks, and other natural items to create a natural desktop toy.

-Play on playgrounds or in parks near water features or ponds.

The benefits of getting out instead of playing on electronics

There are many benefits to getting out and doing outdoor activities, whether it be hiking in the mountains, biking on a scenic trail, playing in a park or simply walking around the block. Here are five reasons why getting active outdoors is crucial for your well-being: 

1) Increased activity burns calories, which can help you lose weight or keep your current figure if you’re trying to change it. 

2) Active play has been shown to improve cognitive abilities, including mental flexibility and spatial ability. 

3) Athletic exercise leads to better sleep habits for children, which is essential for their overall health and cognitive development. 

4) Outdoor play has an anti-stress effect that can be beneficial for both adults and kids. 

5) Spending time outside can build strong social bonds between children, who will later enjoy staying in touch with one another even after they move away from home.

What sorts of activities to do?

If you’re looking for something to do that will get your blood pumping and make you feel like a kid again, there are plenty of activities you can do indoors that will get you out into the great outdoors. Activities to do in the summertime can range from hiking and biking trails to amusement park rides. And if you want something a little more sedentary, there are also plenty of museum tours and walks available. Whatever your interests, there’s sure to be an activity out there that fits the bill. 

Another thing to consider is what sorts of weather conditions you’ll be encountering. If it looks like it might rain, save outdoor activities for later in the day when the chances of getting wet are lower. And if it’s hot outside, make sure to bring some cold snacks and drinks with you so you don’t get too thirsty or tired. Whatever your plans are, make sure to factor in the weather before you get started so that you can have the best time possible!


The warm weather is finally here, which means it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy all the fun kid activities that can be enjoyed outdoors! From playing in the park to going on hikes, there are plenty of ways to foster a love of nature.

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