What are the Ways to Handle Bad Weather on your Wedding Day?

When it comes to planning a wedding, most couples look forward to choosing the days that can offer the perfect weather on your D-Day! They want to ensure that the weather is comfortable for themselves as well as their guests so that they can enjoy it without any hindrance. But, whatever you do, you can’t predict anything as Mother Nature has a mind of her own. The usual concern regarding the bad weather on your wedding day is the rain. Be it winters or summers, you can’t predict the rain showers.

Though things may get chaotic if it rains and you have planned an outdoor wedding. But it’s not just the rain on the D-day that can ruin things, there are other weather events that can have a serious effect on your wedding day.

Whenever we talk about the weather, what strikes our mind is what if, it rains on your wedding day, but depending on the time of year as well as the location of your nuptials, you might need to ask a few other questions about the weather…

  • What if it snows on your wedding day? (If you are planning in winters or some cold place)
  • What if there’s a tornado on your wedding day? (This one is really unpredictable)
  • What to do if there’s a hurricane on my wedding day? (Again, unpredictable but it can cause damage to all the arrangements)

Anything can happen as you can’t control nature. Now the question is… What will you do when the weather gets unfavourable on your wedding day. Do making a change of plans necessary for your celebration?

The best thing you can do is prepare yourself for almost all sorts of weather issues that could come your way in a particular location. There are certain venues also such as popular banquet halls in Greater Noida that also offer assistance in backup plans as well.

If you are planning your wedding and have no idea how to prep for such circumstances then here we are. You can use the below-mentioned must-have wedding tips to prep yourself for bad weather conditions on your D-day!

Here are some of the tips that will help you prepare for any of the bad weather occurrences that can happen on your wedding day!

Always have a “Plan B” ahead of the time

It’s always better to be prepared first for any unwanted occurrence! You need to have a backup plan ahead of time to avoid any last-minute mishaps. This doesn’t mean you have to put in a lot of effort to make it perfect. Just make some preps that even if the lightning strikes on the day of your wedding, you’ll at least get married without many tensions.

Go for a venue that also has plenty of indoor space 

We know you always wanted to get married in an open setting, but you should go for a space that has an indoor area too. The best option to go for is to book a banquet + lawn setting, where you can have the best of both worlds! Also, if it starts raining, you and your guests have a place to scurry off to save themselves from getting drenched.

Opt for a venue with a “Rain Plan”

If you are really keen on booking a particular outdoor venue for your function then you should ask the venue team, if they have a “Rain Plan”. If they have one, then you should understand their process in detail. On the other hand, there are some venues that don’t have any weather backup plans and they don’t even provide tents or outdoor mist fans or heaters, which can create a problem for you. Plus, if you don’t know this ahead of time and they’re needed last-minute that it can get a little annoying.

In case they are offering any rain plan, then ask them where to get tents, mist fans and heaters. They must be in touch with such vendors and they can get it done at discounted rates too.

Be prepared for any drastic change in the weather

Again, we are saying that you can’t control anything but still you need to keep a close eye out for any drastic weather change that might happen in the location as well as the time of your wedding day. Couples usually overlook this.

If the weather reports are showing some drastic changes during that particular time as well as the location of your wedding venue then you should consider rescheduling! It may get chaotic or even dangerous for you as well as your guests to travel to your wedding location. So do check the weather reports or even ask the venue team about it!

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

Though we do not want to promote putting yourself or your guests in harm’s way, you can “Keep Calm and Carry On”. This day is in a lifetime moment for you and your family! It will be special and memorable even if the bad weather on your D-Day tries to ruin everything. You should keep up with the same spirit and after making minor changes go ahead with the plans and tie the knot with the love of your life!

P.S. Any change in the plans or arrangements should be conveyed properly to the guests. Be it the change in time or location. You have to be clear with the communication. Such changes can be communicated through WhatsApp and social media platforms so that everyone can get a message!


Being the bride don’t neglect yourself, your wedding lehenga, your l makeup and especially your mood and also everything else! You can ask all the Get bridesmaids to bring along emergency kits containing all their grooming essentials in case the weather plays havoc with your hair or makeup. Don’t forget to keep your makeup artist on speed dial to ask her to help with your makeup and hair! Plus, just don’t panic!

We hope this helps while planning your dream wedding! 

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