6 Apothecary Types That Will Survive its Patient

There are several different types of pharmacies in Canada, including the classic individual pharmacy, the branch, the chain, or even the online pharmacy. This article discusses the six pharmacies that will last and which you can depend on to get your medicines.

Logistics and performance pharmacy

The first type is the logistics and performance pharmacy. It is ideally located in a medical center or surrounded by a few doctors. With the help of sophisticated IT, the pharmacy regulates the logistical processes for doctors and customers. For example, when a patient leaves a doctor’s surgery, Canada Drug Direct believes that a ready-made package with all the necessary medicines and related information must be waiting for them in the pharmacy.

Coach pharmacy

The Coach pharmacy is a kind of sparring partner for its customers regarding health. In the vast universe of healthcare services, it selects the right components for each customer. The typical patient of such a pharmacy works a lot, so has little time but money and wants to stay healthy.

Regional online pharmacy

The third type is the regional online pharmacy. This type of pharmacy will be faster than the large, nationwide mail-order pharmacies. But for this to be possible, it requires perfecting regional supply chains. Another advantage a regional online pharmacy would have over its competitors would be the ability to adapt its product range to local needs.

On the other hand, it is still on-site, so the customer can get personal advice if necessary. In a second step, according to the marketing expert, such regionally active online pharmacies could join together to form a network and thus increase their reach and market presence.

Competence pharmacy

However, pharmacists could also opt for the fourth type, the competence pharmacy. The focus of these pharmacy types is on specializing in three to four indications. A pharmacy like this would have the chance to operate nationwide and thus expand the catchment area. Then people go further afield to get advice from proven experts in a specific area. There are already signs of specialization, for example, in homeopathy and phytopharmaceuticals.

People-in-focus pharmacy 

Canada Drug Direct sees a “huge need” for the fifth type, the people-in-focus pharmacy. In the increasingly anonymous and digitized world, there is a desire for social contacts, especially in large cities. However, older people, in particular, are becoming increasingly lonely. For such customers, a pharmacy, where you can meet other people and stay there longer, would be an important instance. But we don’t yet know how such a pharmacy should exist from an economic point of view.

Compliance effect pharmacy

The compliance effect pharmacy forms the sixth type and specializes in drug management. In Canada, an unbelievable number of people die because they don’t take their medication correctly. Even more, people would not get well as a result. Therefore, clever systems are necessary to ensure compliance. Such specialization is not only in the interest of patients but also of industry. “The pharmaceutical manufacturers would make twice as many sales if people would take their medicines correctly,” says the Canada drugstore expert.


It takes a lot of effort for Canadian pharmacies to establish themselves as one of the six types mentioned in the healthcare market. According to Canada Drug Direct, pharmacists cannot meet the challenges on their own. However, you can get your drugs in any of the aforementioned pharmacy. Furthermore, if you need to get your medications online and delivered to you from the comfort of your home, visit Canada Drug Direct to do that.

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